FOSS4G-HFX logoFOSS4G is the acronym for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. FOSS4G has its roots in small community-led groups all around the world, who gather to discuss the passion for Open sharing of geospatial software, data, and standards. Its beginnings are rooted in the GRASS GIS and MapServer communities and can be traced back to the first event, FOSS4G-Thailand in 2004, where it was agreed that the GRASS GIS and MapServer communities would unite and create a “FOSS4G” event.

​The FOSS4G ribbon is part of every FOSS4G logo, and is a symbol of the flow of ideas, innovation, and sharing within the geo community.

FOSS4G events now happen almost every second week somewhere on the globe, ranging in size from a few people gathering to a massive gathering in the thousands.  Our goal is to start an annual tradition of bringing a small FOSS4G local event to Atlantic Canada each year, starting with FOSS4G in Halifax in 2020.  So watch this space as we bring the spirit of FOSS4G to Halifax in 2020!



Planting the seed for FOSS4G in Atlantic Canada! Watch this space for more event info coming soon.

2019-12-02: The venue for FOSS4G-HFX 2020 may actually be the back of a pub, and a donated university lab, but the FOSS4G spirit will exist ha!  The original proposed venue is listed here, we will update this page when we have more news on venues.  Thank you for your support!