The originally proposed 7-day schedule is still listed below; however the actual FOSS4G-HFX 2020 schedule will be much shorter, to keep costs low, and the fun high, ha.  Watch this space for more info as we travel towards FOSS4G-Halifax in 2020 !







FOSS4G-HFX 2020 was originally proposed as a 7 day event, containing:

  • 2 days of hands-on workshops (Mon-Tues), 4 hours in length, 10 concurrent rooms (40 workshops)
  • Main sessions for 3 days (Wed-Fri)
  • 10 concurrent tracks of talks
  • approximately 260 main session talks
  • 6 diverse keynote speakers (and special guest keynote/hint to veteran FOSS4G-ers we’ve booked your favorite speaker)
  • diverse social program involving every night, including recommended meeting places for early arrivals Sun-Tues
  • community sprint on Saturday (tentatively at Volta Labs)


Planting the seed for FOSS4G in Atlantic Canada! Watch this space for more event info coming soon.

2019-12-02: The venue for FOSS4G-HFX 2020 may actually be the back of a pub, and a donated university lab, but the FOSS4G spirit will exist ha!  The original proposed venue is listed here, we will update this page when we have more news on venues.  Thank you for your support!